Financial Stability

In this part of the world where I come from, talking about money and financial stability seems so sacred, and you’d hardly find a person that would openly talk about how much they make or their major source of income. Growing up with a single mother, I quickly realized at an early age the importance of making money, not necessarily how to save or invest it, but majorly how to make money.

During my university days, I ventured into business very early, even though I failed at my first, second, and third businesses. I eventually repacked those ideas and it has since then been the one that gave me financial stability.

It was all nice and good, and I was living a typical rich girl lifestyle during most of my days at the university, even though I’m from an average family. Ever wondered why most people call me Spense Money?? well, that’s the reason. I looked like a rich girl, and truthfully, I wasn’t all that rich. I was just able to manage my finances at an early stage.

At the age of 20(the year 2016), I could easily boast of N 1,000,000 cash in my account. Imagine if I had invested that as far back as then, how much money do you think I’ll have now??  It eventually took me several years to understand the importance of investing, as saving and just stacking up the money somewhere isn’t going to give you that financial stability you desire. I believe you have heard of inflation and devaluation. That’s one huge termite that eats up your money in no time.

If you read up until this point, it’s never too late to begin your investing journey, although, there are numerous ways to invest, I have decided to share with you some resources I find while discovering safe ways to invest.

Investing In Shares & Stocks

Investing In Stocks and Shares Investing in stocks and shares can be quite tricky especially when you are new to the game. You probably have tons of questions, ranging from where do I get started, what stocks do I invest in, and is this even safe, amongst many others. I…

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Investing Apps

Investing Applications  Here are some of the investing apps I have personally tried over time and would recommend to you. Be sure to do your own research, read books, or even watch some videos on how to get started with each of them before investing. Download Bamboo Download Trove Download…

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Investing In Real Estate

Investing In Real Estate When I found out I could invest in real estate with as little as ₦ 10,000 via Squareroof, it was almost unbelievable until I tried it out myself and I was actually impressed that some people out there are looking at making real estate investment accessible to…

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Bosun · April 19, 2023 at 10:59 pm

We really do need a lot people to talk about money more often. I think it’s going to help. Thank you for what you do

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