About Adesholamie

A Little Back Story…

I have never for once imagined myself blogging… urggh, it’s so scary and that’s because for some reasons i feel like i’m not good with written contents.

To be honest, i blame it on my mathematical background. Having studying mathematics half of my life kinda left no room for understanding the basis of constructing good grammars (at least for me) which always makes english writing feels so strange to me.

Not anymore though, because i have decided to succeed at more written contents and I do believe in a slow and steady race. 

Now that you get the gist, i hope you and i can have a long lasting bond as this is going to be where i document all my journey through written contents. 

Oh… did i forget to mention that y’all automatically would become my BFFs??? okay, get yourself updated hunnie 😉😉 and lets the fun begin!

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Hey loves,

Welcome to my blog, i’m new on this and i’m still trying to figure out my life. I hope to inspire you and i sincerely hope you love the life that you live.

Currently, I’m a digital creator, a serial entrepreneur and a mathematician in Lagos, Nigeria. I live a very simple life and i hope to grow as i discover new things that interest me. I’m also a part time website designer, i build website for startups using WordPress. In my most convinient time, i tutor students.

I’ll cover things from my everyday lifestyle and my own personal experiences.

My goal in life is to make money while i sleep, amongst many other things. Weird right??? Well, it is what it is 😉

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