play dress up

Back in the days, the first thing that ideally comes to my head when i think of fashion is “clothes” and mostly not having to repeat them. Little did i know that it goes way beyond combining pieces of fabric together and/or stacking up clothes for a long period of time. 

To many, fashion is a way of life and people even making a living of it – just by wearing it. It’s so fascinating to see how creative people are when it comes to styling, an old shirt could be switched up in couple of minutes just by pairing it with a really nice leather pants or a skirt, it all goe down to how you are able to put things together. There are definetely a million ways on how to style a white shirt which means it can only get better at every attempt. 

I love playing dress up, but i am very bad with picking my outfits or shopping, which usually amount to having heap of clothing but i hope to get better at that and keep you updated with my styles. I need to however include that i am not so completely bad at styling myself or people, i ran an online clothing store for 5 years and i did a good job .

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