The Ultimate Stock Market Class

In this stock market class, we are going to cover the basis of investing in the stock market. This is going to be a hands-on, practical class tailored to answer your investing questions.

You will learn how to

  • Determine your investing goals and risk tolerance.
  • How to develop a realistic plan to achieve your short and long-term investing goals.
  • Research companies to invest in.
  • The basis of investing 
  • The rule of investing
  • How to invest in Nigerian & US stocks
  • How to invest in Exchange Traded Funds
  • How to make money from the stock market
  • How to invest in Real Estate
  • Recommended Application for investing

       At the end of this class, you will gain clarity and confidence in investing in the stock market. There will also be a two-week support group to interact with others and also have your unanswered questions attended to

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