you are beautiful

Beauty could mean alot of things and obviously not gender based, depending on how you view it. To me, it’s accepting that God created me in his exact image and it’s just the best image that could possibly fit me. I look in to the mirror and say “look at you sissss, you are beautiful” and trust me , I am.

At the early stage of my life, dating back to when i was a teenager, probably 15 years, i remember i wanted to be fair in complexion and the reigning cream for that was ‘caro white’ which i bought. I actually thought it was the right thing for me. Lol, i’m glad i gave up on that mission, i can’t clearly remember why i did, but i just did and i found myself using “cocoa butter”. 

As at that time, i didn’t even think i was beautiful, i was just existing. To be honest, i’m not sure i knew what beauty truly meant, but i remember i had a very beautiful friend – Halima. 

If you read up until this point, i want you to know that you are beautiful. Say to yourself “I AM BEAUTIFUL” . However, beauty comes from within and until you are able to convince yourself would you start seeing how beautiful you truly are.

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